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The idea with the project Boperation is to work and develop the music of bebop pianists.Why pianists? Mainly because of the natural complexity that is found in their compositions; the relations of harmony, melody, and the rhythm section which is in dual charge (drums and bass) of the rhythm as well as keeping a solid ear to the harmony, and the ongoing melodic development of the soloist. Peeping Tom’s idea is to bring these somewhat forgotten treasures to light by re-working them – putting them in the actual daylight – and take them on a more of an abstract journey.

The first problem these compositions bump into is that there are no qualified harmonic instruments in Peeping Tom (the lack of piano), so already at this point we find a new territory of imagination to dress-up these rare be-bop beauties in. In the way Peeping Tom approach and treat their repertoire, a pedagogical side is also heard.The project Boperation makes people re-discover an extremely rich music full of surprises, the one of the bebop pianists, and let people understand that jazz is not dead, but alive and can be played just as dynamic and innovative as fun – something musicians of today needs to hear.

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Antonin Gerbal, Axel Dörner, Joel Grip, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux


Peeping Tom


Axel Dörner
Pierre-Antoine Badaroux
Joel Grip
Antonin Gerbal


Peeping Tom


  1. Boperation (Fats Navarro)
  2. Cro-Magnon Nights (Herbie Nichols)
  3. Escalating (George Wallington)
  4. Fantasy in Blue (Bud Powell)
  5. House Party Starting (Herbie Nichols)
  6. Mo is On (Elmo Hope)
  7. Pile Driver/Dodo’s Dance (Eddie Costa/Dodo Marmarosa)
  8. Snakes (Jackie McLean)
  9. The Gig (Herbie Nichols)
  10. Up Jumped the Devil (George Wallington)


Axel Dörner : trumpet
Pierre-Antoine Badaroux : alto saxophone
oel Grip : double bass
Antonin Gerbal : drums

Arrangements : Peeping Tom
Recording : Atelier Polonceau Thomas Roudeix, Paris, France . March 2011
Mixing and mastering : Pierre-Antoine Badaroux
Artwork : Sven-Åke Johansson