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“The seven original compositions, which almost blend into one fifty-minute extended piece, are characterized by the dark, brooding, searching sound of Thomas’ saxophone, coupled with the beefy, full bass of Grip and the gentle explosions of Gray. Listening closely to one another, the three take the music where their impulses dictate—the outer, yet still accessible realms of jazz music. Wolfwalk is cutting edge. True jazz fans will find this music enlightening.” – Ollie Bivens, All About Jazz

“Corpulent is the name of this group of musicians, but it only partially describes the music that they make together. Corpulent could be used to describe the sound of Joel Grip’s bass, but that would only be partially true. In the center of Joel’s big, fat sound is a beautiful, rich, transparent center. Corpulent might be used to describe the width of the beat that this trio plays with. But again that would only be partially true since these musicians are able to place their ideas in very specific parts of the beat, both collectively and individually. So when it comes right down to it Corpulent doesn’t actually describe the listening experience very well. Had it not been written on the outside of the advance CD copy I probably would not even be writing about it, only the music would be relevant. This recording is the meeting point between one of the great tenor saxophonists in jazz, Gary Thomas, and two very fine, and very young musicians, Joel Grip and Devin Gray. When I listen to this recording I don’t hear the great disparity in age and experience levels between the players. I only hear the creativity, focus, and common sense of purpose that went into recording it. I urge you to indulge yourself with this music. It should leave you feeling full, but still wanting more. And the best part is that the only thing that will expand is your appreciation for these three musicians, and the body of music that they have created.” – Michael Formanek, May 2005 (From the liner notes)

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Joel Grip




Gary Thomas
Joel Grip
Devin Gray




  1. Gryphus Medley
  2. Slow Bluuesss
  3. Who’s In Control?
  4. Free Piece
  5. Ingen Dålig Kappa Att Axla
  6. Used To Be (v+D)
  7. Vanishing Time


Gary Thomas : saxophone, composition
Joel Grip : double bass, composition
Devin Gray : drums, composition

Recording : Sky Line Productions, NJ, USA . June 7th 2004
Mixing and mastering : Paul Wickliffe