Four Girls (CD)


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New CD from breathtaking quartet Peeping Tom – including some of the most active musicians in the European scene of current music.

With a sophisticated and flagrant musical language – inspired by be-bop, swing, avant garde and contemporary music – Peeping Tom explores (and proposes) a jazz of our times.

Four Girls is multi-dimensional and opposite. Just as complex as lucid and distinct. Just as emotional as mathematical. Just as much in the tradition as out of tradition.

Peeping Tom is a polyphonic act, encouraging the listener (the audience as well as the band members) to step out of predetermined roles and foregone conclusions, and therefore puts the musical momentum on constant trial.

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Antonin Gerbal, Axel Dörner, Joel Grip, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux


Peeping Tom


Pierre-Antoine Badaroux
Axel Dörner
Joel Grip
Antonin Gerbal


Peeping Tom


  1. Background Beneath.  (A. Dörner)
  2. Four Girls. (Peeping Tom with quote from Boots Mussulli’s composition with the same name)
  3. Tatsächlich. (A. Dörner)
  4. Don Byas on “I Got Rhythm”. (Pierre-Antoine Badaroux)


Pierre-Antoine Badaroux  : saxophone
Axel Dörner : trumpet
Joel Grip : double bass
Antonin Gerbal : drums
All arrangements by Peeping Tom.

Recording : Mathilda Bar, Berlin . December 15th 2014
Artwork : Sven-Åke Johansson