Pierre-Antoine Badaroux

© Joel Grip

On stage, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux is a saxophonist. Off stage, he composes, arranges, researches, reconstructs or deconstructs his own music or that of others.

As a member of the Umlaut collective, he is involved in the production, live or recorded of various music: jazz, contemporary improvisation or composition and experimental music.

As artistic director of the Umlaut Big Band, he deepens through practice a reflection on the history of jazz, its rereading and the work of arrangers.

This has led him to a global research on historical manuscripts of jazz musicians. To enable him to pursue visiting various archives, he has been selected as a Villa Albertine 2023 resident.

He is currently a member of the Peeping Tom quartet (Axel Dörner, Joel Grip and Antonin Gerbal), of Jupiter Terminus (Jean-Luc Guionnet and Antonin Gerbal), of Protocluster (Bertrand Denzler, Benjamin Dousteyssier, Antonin Gerbal).

He co-directed with Sébastien Beliah the Hodos Ensemble, dedicated to the interpretation of open works. They have collaborated with composers Philip Corner, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Bertrand Denzler, Peter Ablinger and Hannes Lingens. With ONCEIM he has premiered pieces by Eliane Radigue, Peter Ablinger or John Tilbury.

Since 2015, he is co-organizer of the Jazz Series, a concert series that draws from the often forgotten repertoire of jazz.

To date, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux has recorded more than twenty discographic references.



Agenda - Pierre-Antoine Badaroux

22 April 2023

Jazz Series, Le 34, Paris (FR)

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