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Murmur – Hannes Lingens, snare drum
The english term murmur can be translated into german as murmeln, which also means marbles. The little glass ball running around the rim of my snare drum in this piece hides the actual changes in the music. Like a persons murmur those are hard to follow exactly, with the constant sound of rotation always in the foreground. It made perfect sense to me to release this piece on a vinyl record, with the turntable itself refering to the idea of rotation.

No Rest for the Astronaut – Pierre Borel, saxophone
I recorded this solo in Paris in September 2009.2 days of recording in my cellar, about 15 solos, each of max. 7 min. (7 inch format).The material used was pre-defined, and only the material’s organisation was improvised. The point of this process I was interessed in, was the relations between these different elements, the way they interacted (so that the repetition plays an important role, the same sound coming again in a different context, under different lights), and the formal organisation of these elements.
The solo chosen in the end, was the one which seemed to me the less controlled and the farest away from the initial concept, giving a particular charm to it.
Thanks to Nicolas Lefort for the strange design and the title of my piece.

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Hannes Lingens, Pierre Borel


Hannes Lingens
Pierre Borel



  1. Murmur
  2. No Rest for the Astronaut


Hannes Lingens : snare drum
Pierre Borel : saxophone

Recording : 2009
Engineering : Hannes Lingens (“Murmur”) and Pierre Borel (“No Rest for the Astronaut”)
Artwork and mastering : Nicolas Lefort
Limited edition of 300