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The debut CD-release of the well acclaimed group led by Stockholm based trumpet player Niklas Barnö: Je Suis!
His music is honest and intense giving lots of freedom to the band members. Barnö is a well-known character in Stockholm’s jazz and improvised music scene and was awarded the Stockholm Jazzfest Price in 2010. Je Suis! (I am!) is on a continuous quest to search for the true answers of who You are. The answers sounds like barenaked jazz. An uncensored questioning slapped in your face.

The six members of Je Suis! are all independently highly active members of the international scene of creative musics, and their very own artistic expressions come together in Je Suis! like an enormous beast. People who experience Je Suis! are touched in one way or another, whether they end up wanting to punch the band members in the face or shower them with hugs and kisses. The statement (Je Suis!) ends up in a question: Who are You then?

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Joel Grip, Niklas Barnö


Je Suis!


Niklas Barnö
Marcelo Gabard Pazos
Mats Äleklint
Alexander Zethson
Joel Grip
Magnus Vikberg


Je Suis!


  1. Varför får jag ingen kaka till kaffet din jävel
  2. Östermalm
  3. Lyrikern
  4. Odjuret och Odjuret
  5. Geniet
  6. Eyafjallajökull
  7. Det måste vara doping
  8. Jag är!


Niklas Barnö : trumpet, composition, arrangements
Marcelo Gabard Pazos :  saxophones
Mats Äleklint : trombone
Alexander Zethson : piano
Joel Grip : double bass
Magnus Vikberg : drums

Recording : Stockholm . January 7th-9th 2011