The Great European Stool Sample (LP)


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The first official release of duo of rompish and frank improvisers Pierre Borel and Joel Grip, The Great European Stool Sample is a chatty constitution of constraints. The duo play with precision, isolation and possibilities of multi-layered communication. This production originates the wish to continue perform and execute the unsuspected through an already composed object – the recording. Herr Borelgrip is a witty contradiction in itself projecting sound, text and rhythmical ideas as if being together, simultaneously, as if being alone.

The music of Pierre Borel and Joel Grip started taking form in the triangle drawn up by Stockholm, Berlin and Paris in 2008. They have continuously been developing their music on stage in front of audiences, and therefore inevitably, hints with trust and failure. The Great European Stool Sample is a studio recording, but plays with the idea of it being a continuation of an active event in wich you as a listener can mix and change what to hear.

It includes texts in Swedish by poet Pär Thörn, and in French by musician Jean-Luc Guionnet. All composed in a gatefold double vinyl and 16-page booklet. Photos by french filmmaker Léa Lanoë and Swedish photographer Lisa Grip.

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Joel Grip, Pierre Borel


Herr Borelgrip


Joel Grip
Pierre Borel


Herr Borelgrip


A – 18:00
left channel : saxophone and voice
right channel : double bass bowing and voice
B – 18:00
left channel : saxophone glissandi and drinking
right channel : double bass frappando with bow
C – 18:00
left channel : saxophone and clogs spinning
right channel : voice reading lenovo
D – 18:00
left channel : saxophone pianissimo
right channel : double bass slow walking


Pierre Borel : alto saxophone
Joel Grip : double bass
All compositions by Pierre Borel and Joel Grip.

Recording : Dala Floda (SE) . September 18-20 2017
Mixing : Christoph Schlimmbach
Mastering : Anthony Laguerre
Photos : Léa Lanoë and Lisa Grip
Design : Léa Lanoë and Pierre Borel
Texts : Jean-Luc Guionnet and Pär Thörn
Acknowledgements : Pierre Martin, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Pär Thörn, and Kulturföreningen Hagen