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In this double CD, following up the recent release “Sektion 1-2”, Neuköllner Modelle is joined by pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach. Their music evokes questions on swing: how it is heard today and fed back to us historically. In the detailed booklet Bastian Zimmermann points out that “Neuköllner Modelle is perhaps the first serious attempt to swing once again without playing standards. The musicians develop jazz as a form of instant composition, with the energy of not only the blues but also bebop, and in the classical hierarchy of a rhythm section consisting of double bass and drums. However, all four musicians come from the areas of Free Jazz, of improvised music, or even, in Johansson’s case, of performance and conceptual music.”

The excitement, and here lays perhaps the keys of swing, is connected to the way Neuköllner Modelle voices out the positioning of strong independent and co-existing ideas. Their music is striving towards a common somewhere asserting their differing assumptions and expectations.

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Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Bertrand Denzler, Joel Grip, Sven-Åke Johansson


Neuköllner Modelle


Bertrand Denzler
Joel Grip
Sven-Åke Johansson
Alexander Von Schlippenbach


Neuköllner Modelle


CD 1:

  1. Sektion 3 (19:05)
  2. Sektion 4 (18:31)
  3. Sektion 5 (04:39)

CD 2:

  1. Sektion 6 (17:11)
  2. Sektion 7 (33:59)


Bertrand Denzler : saxophone
Joel Grip : double bass
Sven-Åke Johansson : drums
Alexander von Schlippenbach : piano
All compositions by Neuköllner Modelle.

Recording : Sowieso, Berlin . November 2015
Engineering : Andrew Levine
Mastering : Werner Dafeldecker
Design : Teresa Iten
Liner notes (in German and English) : Bastian Zimmermann
Produced with the support from The Swedish Art Council.