Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom


The quartet Peeping Tom gathers some of the most active musicians on the European scene today. What began in 2007 in the basements of a Parisian cave has evolved into an extremely precise musical language that dissects the remains of bebop in the present day. This is not to say something new about the word jazz but rather to use the noun “jazz” as a transitive verb. From this work results a multilingual music with unpredictable bifurcations and blurred landmarks, a music in renewed tension and on loose soil.

The music of Peeping Tom is a music without end or beginning, a patient operation both surgical and mathematical, a ready work of dissection allowing unforeseen connections. Beyond conventions, it is about thinking differently and collectively. It doesn’t matter who the author of this music is, here it is the listener who becomes the author of what is to be heard.

Members of the band

Pierre-Antoine Badaroux

Axel Dörner

Joel Grip
double bass

Antonin Gerbal