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Kege Snö was first put together as a group during the festival Hagenfesten 2006 in Dala-Floda, Sweden. They play an open music giving room for energetic and precise communication. Roland Keijser (1944-2019), a breath-taking sax-veteran, was a pioneer in Sweden taking part of the first move in the directions of free form and progressive music during the 60’s and 70’s, and later on found groundbreaking paths for Swedish folk music. Keijser’s compositions from the 60’s lay the open structures for Kege Snö’s music. Raymond Strid, one of the most asked-for improvising percussionist of today – playing with Barry Guy, Marilyn Crispell, Joëlle Leandre, Mats Gustafsson to name a few – add a new dimension to Kege Snö’s music. His flow and phrasing leaves nothing unattended. Almost 40 years younger, Niklas Barnö (trumpet) and Joel Grip (double bass) gives a young approach to Kege Snö’s music. A new generation meets an older. Niklas Barnö is a well-known character of the Scandinavian jazz and improvised music scene. Expressionistic and intense, his playing is honest in a very original way. Joel Grip, a vigorous and free double bassist, plays a great role for the new scenes of improvised music in Europe, heard in groups like Je Suis!, Snus and Peeping Tom.


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Joel Grip, Niklas Barnö, Raymond Strid, Roland Keijser


Kege Snö


Roland Keijser
Niklas Barnö
Joel Grip
Raymond Strid


Kege Snö


  1. Tusch
  2. Somnambulism
  3. Odjuret och Odjuret
  4. Saababba
  5. Flyvebåd
  6. Fallgrop
  7. Sarcoma
  8. Bön om bränsle
  9. Maskinpark
  10. Hotel Bristoll


Roland Keijser : saxophones, flutes, composition (except track 3)
Niklas Barnö : trumpet, composition (track 3)
Joel Grip : double bass
Raymond Strid : drums

Recording : Heby, Sweden . October 2009
Produced with support from the Swedish National Council of Cultural Affairs