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“Ça va?” is a live recording from Jazzclub Fasching in Stockholm portraying the wide spectrum of personalities and free-jazz energies the band possesses. It include over 60 minutes of new repertoire and great interplay with focus on improvisation and swing – in the wide term of the word.

The CD throws out a question from within, What is going on? (Ça va?), and the LP answers outwardly: It is not going at all! (Ça va pas du tout!). Whether this is an inner dialogue from the bandleader himself or a perspective of on society today is left left to be unknown. In anyway, the music on each of these recordings is in full bloom and constitute the complete Je Suis! experience.

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Joel Grip, Niklas Barnö


Je Suis!


Niklas Barnö
Marcelo Gabard Pazos
Mats Äleklint
Alexander Zethson
Joel Grip
Magnus Vikberg


Je Suis!


  1. Bebopaluba 13:44
  2. Ända in i Kaklet 8:46
  3. Onödig stress 11:12
  4. Idioti? Tackarrr! 7:13
  5. Åt alla håll på samma gång 10:32
  6. Se och Hör 10:30


Niklas Barnö : trumpet, composition, arrangements (all except track 5)
Marcelo Gabard Pazos : saxophones
Mats Äleklint : trombone
Alexander Zethson : piano, arrangement (track 5)
Joel Grip : double bass
Magnus Vikberg : drums

Recording : Jazzclub Fasching, Stockholm . October 28th 2013