Cartographie de rythmes #2 – Cardiaque (CD)


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Cartographie de rythmes is a sound exploration guided by an imaginary map of rhythm, offering as many possible poles to navigate between. The first part of this cartography, Vitesses approchantes (Umlaut Records, 2021) for two percussionists – Sylvain Darrifourcq and Toma Gouband -, focused on the notion of phase shift through falsely repetitive motifs whose slight variations in speed generate sonic illusions.

In this second part, Cardiaque, it is the relationship between text and music that constitutes a new crest line: how to listen to the language’s rhythm while respecting the rhythm of the music. “Rhythm” does not mean the same thing while talking about music or text – and we would like to preserve the vitality of each field: like the beat created by two frequencies, the two rhythmic logics generate new interferences without losing their singularities.

Julien Gaillard’s texts are intertwined in a montage that allows us to travel from note-taking to poem. His voice mingles with that of Aurélie Maisonneuve and the tone of Fabrice Arnaud-Crémon’s clarinet: together, they carry these textures made of truncated cycles, frames and breaks. The theme of the heart runs through the cycle: accelerations and phase shifts, thresholds between periodicity and arrhythmia, in the light of questions of breathing and heartbeat, take on a singularly organic dimension: the exploration of rhythm becomes an exploration of body states.


Karl Naegelen
Julien Gaillard
Fabrice Arnaud-Crémon
Aurélie Maisonneuve



1. 8 octobre [1] 02:50
2. 20 décembre 02:28
3. Nadejda 01:05
4. 27 mai 02:31
5. Redoux 02:03
6. 23 mars 02:27
7. 8 octobre [2] 03:04
8. 8 mars 01:35
9. Cardiaque (2 fois) 01:58
10. « Nous portions… » 00:56
11. Still life 01:27
12. A soi-même 02:07 (d’après Giacomo Leopardi)
13. Naître jadis 01:42


Karl Naegelen : composition
Julien Gaillard : text and reciter
Fabrice Arnaud-Crémon : clarinets
Aurélie Maisonneuve : voice

Recorded in June 2022 at Athénor – Centre National de Création Musicale (Saint-Nazaire)
Engineering and mastering : Ananda Cherer
Design : atelier informationCare / Ronan Le Régent
Produced by Athénor scène nomade – CNCM in collaboration with La Maison de la Musique Contemporaine.