Cartographie de rythmes #1 – Vitesses approchantes (CD)


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Cartographie de rythmes – Vitesses approchantes [Cartography of rhythms – Approximating speeds] is a startling duo comprised of two drummers following their own respective rhythmic paths. Toma Gouband’s path is littered with stones, plants and traditional drum elements, all leading him into a complex and direct polyphonic world. Sylvain Darrifourcq’s instrumental exploration is rife with machine esthetics and questions on temporality, space and rupture.

In uniting these two singular yet complementary musicians, composer Karl Naegelen brings them to collaborate on a written object of rhythmical invention that stems from extended shifts in interval and phasing. One facing the other, both musicians tapped into a pulse via headphones, they devise an unexpectedly troubling but breathtaking game of acoustic illusion for the listener. Cartographie de rythmes – Vitesses approchantes roots itself at the intersection of multiple musical esthetics, in a field open to the rhythms of the world, free from codes and canon.

Cartographie de rythmes [Cartography of rhythms] is a systematic exploration of rhythmic notions that may also be seen as poles on an imaginary map. This exploration unfolds over several stages: Vitesses approchantes is the first and looks at percussion and phasing.

Vitesses approchantes [Approximating Speeds] plays on the simultaneous development of relatively simple rhythmic patterns performed at slightly different tempos. The musicians are challenged to develop a kind of “fractured” listening, staying connected to one another while also maintaining their own beat. New dissonances arise: the ground might seem both solid and mobile depending on the pulsations that your ear latches onto… Sometimes the clicks turn off, and the game of superimposed pulsations carries on, only this time without relying on a machine…

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Karl Naegelen, Sylvain Darrifourcq, Toma Gouband


Karl Naegelen
Toma Gouband
Sylvain Darrifourcq



1. Impacts 10:32
2. Vitesses Approchantes 01:35
3. Déphasage Circulaire 03:57
4. Minimal 08:11
5. Continuum 09:09


Karl Naegelen: composition
Sylvain Darrifourcq: drums, percussions, objets
Toma Gouband : drums, percussions, vegetal lithophones, bows

Recorded in July 2021 at Athénor – Centre National de Création Musicale (Saint-Nazaire)
Engineering, mix and mastering : Ananda Cherer Design : Ronan Le Régent
Produced by Athénor scène nomade – CNCM with the support of Centre National de la Musique.