© Jean-Yves Molinari

Under the name Sbatax, Denzler and Gerbal continue their exploration of flow, speed and patterns by exacerbating the sound of their saxophone-drums duo.

In Heretofore, they draw on the history of their instruments to stride across a space in which they generate asymmetric, geometric or enigmatic shapes. Simple and complex sounds, organic and mechanical rhythms, memory and reconstruction interlock while
tending towards a hypothetical here and now. The trio with German trumpet player Axel Dörner is an extension of the Heretofore duo.

In Sbatax, they focus on a persistent flow, feeding the speed with patterns and fragments which are intertwined, superimposed, modified and reinjected in order to create cycles and spirals.

The furrow they dig ends up forming spirals that gradually migrate towards regions where movement becomes a texture that floats in the wind.

More info 03 October 2023

Misterioso Jazz Club, Zurich (CH)

04 October 2023

TBA, Basel (CH)