Bertrand Denzler

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Bertrand Denzler is a Swiss and French saxophonist and composer active in the fields of contemporary improvised music, composed music, experimental music and free jazz. He has toured extensively in Europe, America and Asia with regular ensembles, ad-hoc groups, artists from other disciplines and solo. He has composed pieces for several ensembles and musicians, as well as for film, video, dance and theatre productions. He has participated in over eighty released recordings and has published texts about music.

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Agenda - Bertrand Denzler

More info 30 March 2023
Diatribes & Horns

Sonic Protest, Le Périscope, Lyon (FR)

More info 31 March 2023
Diatribes & Horns

Sonic Protest, Bois Barel, Rennes (FR)

More info 01 April 2023
Diatribes & Horns

Sonic Protest, L’Échangeur, Bagnolet (FR)

22 April 2023

Jazz Series, Le 34, Paris (FR)