Louis Laurain

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Eclectic and polyvalent musician, his work is at the frontiers of improvisation, electro-acoustic music, jazz, traditional musics, and visual and performative arts. He collaborates for instance with Eliane Radigue, Stephen O’Malley, Pierre Huyghe, Axel Dorner, Yves-Noel Génot, John Tilbury, Nicolas Collins, Zombie-Zombie, Chakib Bouzidi, Pierce Warnecke…
He regularly performs solo with an electro-acoustic device for 3 trumpets. He is a member of Berliner quartet Die Hochstapler, French and Polish band Lumpeks, and ONCEIM (orchestra of improvised and experimental music). He toured in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, South America and Russia.

Website : louis-laurain.com



    Agenda - Louis Laurain

    More info 23 August 2024
    Lumpeks "Polonez"

    Festival Re:Tradycja, Lublin (PL) with Maria Stępień, Ewa
    Grochowska, Filip Majerowski and Piotr Gwadera