When Will Never Meet (CD)


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“When will never meet” is the soundtrack of a fragmented movie in transformation. Engaging many musicians of the Berlin scene, performing in solo or in small bands, this soundtrack is a collage of the impossible, a mosaic of wishes and lost opportunities, the dream of a lonely demiurge.

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Die Hochstapler, Topsi Series


Antonio Borghini, Axel Dörner, Hannes Lingens, Louis Laurain, Pierre Borel


DJ Illvibe
Antonio Borghini
Olga Nosova
Andrea Neumann
Matthias Müller
Liz Allbee
Kai Fagaschinski
Michael Thieke
Steve Heather
Rico Repotente
Grégoire Simon
Anil Eraslan
Rudi Fischerlehner
Mat Pogo
Christian Lillinger
Ignaz Schick
Alexis Baskind
Giorgio Pacorig
Almut Kühne
Gerhard Gschlößl
Axel Dörner
Tobias Delius
Louis Laurain
Pierre Borel
Hannes Lingens
Tristan Honsinger


Topsi Series


  1. Kleiderordnung (5:47)
    instant-composed by Antonio Borghini, Olga Nosova, and DJ Illvibe
    contains excerpts of A, B
  2. Irrenanstalt Buch, Festes Haus (7:54)
    post-composed by Alexis Baskind
    contains excerpts of A, C, D, E, F
  3. Das Schiffchen Fliegt, Der Webstuhl Kracht (12:23)
    post-composed by Antonio Borghini
    contains excerpts of B, C, D, F
  4. Niemand Ist Hier Geboren (5:48)
    post-composed by Alexis Baskind
    contains excerpts of A, D, G, H
  5. But Being (4:59)
    composed by Antonio Borghini, lyrics by Dylan Thomas
    contains excerpts of E, I, J
  6. Spreekreisschiftfahrtsgesellschaftstouristenselfiestangenhauptknopf (3:49)
    post-composed by Alexis Baskind
    contains excerpts of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L
  7. Über Das Taubenproblem (8:00)
    post-composed by Antonio Borghini
    contains excerpts of F, G, I, J
  8. Du Bist Bereits Auf Der Anderen Seite (7:25)
    post-composed by Antonio Borghini
    contains excerpts of A, D
  9. Smalltalk Über Zeit (17:05)
    post-composed by Antonio Borghini
    contains excerpts of E, K, L


A : Sheeps
Olga Nosova : drums, voice
DJ Illvibe : turntables
Antonio Borghini : electric bass
B : Andrea Neumann
Andrea Neumann : inside piano
C : Carpet Below
Michael Thieke : clarinet
Kai Fagaschinski : clarinet
Liz Allbee : trumpet, conch shell
Matthias Müller : trombone
D : Heather / Repotente
Steve Heather : drums
Rico Repotente : electric guitar
E : Il Salto del Dogo
Antonio Borghini : double bass
Grégoire Simon : violin
Anil Eraslan : cello
Rudi Fischerlehner : drums
F : Peepholes have the power
Mat Pogo : voice
Liz Allbee : trumpet, conch shell
Antonio Borghini : double bass
Steve Heather : drums
G : Lillinger /Schick
Christian Lillinger : drums
Ignaz Schick : turntables
H : Al Schachtel
Alexis Baskind : electronics
I : Manunkind
Almut Kühne : voice
Michael Thieke : clarinet
Gerhard Gschlößl : trombone
Giorgio Pacorig : piano
Antonio Borghini : double bass
J : An Kopf
Antonio Borghini : double bass
K : Hook, Line and Sinker
Tristan Honsinger : cello, voice
Antonio Borghini : double bass, voice
Tobias Delius : tenor saxophone, clarinet, voice
Axel Dörner : trumpet
L : Die Hochstapler
Louis Laurain : trumpet
Pierre Borel : alto saxophone
Antonio Borghini : double bass
Hannes Lingens : drums

Conceived and produced by Antonio Borghini and Alexis Baskind.
Recording : Berlin . 2017-2018
Sound engineering : Alexis Baskind (Christoph Schlimbach for session I)
Painting and graphic design : Joel Grip
Produced by Topsi Series for Umlaut Records.
Topsi Series produces records, books and films related to the activities around the venue “Au Topsi Pohl” in Berlin.