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With „Pieces for Percussion“ drummer, composer and accordion player Hannes Lingens (Die Hochstapler, Musaeum Clausum, Obliq, Konzert Minimal) offers the first release under his name after „Four Pieces for Quintet“ (insub, 2013).

Although composed over a period of six years and employing a variety of compositional strategies, the pieces compiled here have a few things in common: They all explore very limited material and in each of them the instrumental frame is narrowed down to one instrument or type of instruments. In the pieces for two and four players, all parts are constructed from the same material. The three solo improvisations have strong conceptual limitations: Cymbal I and Cymbal II have been recorded with extremely close microphones, allowing for details to come to the surface that one normally surpasses. Early Spring has been recorded with the window open on a particularly warm day in spring 2012, percussion sounds are carefully added to the distant city noises coming in through the window.

“I love the regular irregularity of patterns and textures found in nature, the shape of a tree or the sound of water running over rocks in a stream. I am thinking of these pieces as images of such natural phenomena, something ancient and archaic that has been there long before us and will probably stay much longer. Durations of the performances have been defined in the context of this particular record. Also as far as instrumentation is concerned, I view these realizations as propositions rather than definite statements.” – Hannes Lingens, décembre 2018.

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Hannes Lingens




Hannes Lingens



A1 Cymbal I 01:26
A2 Goofy Footer 06:14
A3 Arhythmic Perfection 03:26
A4 Cymbal II 00:39
A5 Arhythmic Perfection (Reprise) 01:46
A6 Etwas Runder IV 06:14
B1 Four Cymbals 15:27
B2 Early Spring 06:56


Pieces for two (A3, A5, A6) and four players (A2, B1) have been recorded with overdubs.
Recording :
A1, A4, B1 : Halle (Saale) . 2017
A2 : Berlin . 2017
A3, A5, B2 : Berlin . 2012
A6 : Milan / Mulhouse . 2015
Engineering : Claus Störmer (A1, A4, B1), Christoph Schlimbach (A2), Hannes Lingens (A3, A5, B2), Srtefano Greco (16), Augustin Müller (A6)
Mixing : Christoph Schlimbach, Claus Störmer (B1)
Mastering : Giuseppe Ielasi
Mastering for vinyl : Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering
Design : Michal Fuchs