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There is still the question, if it’s possible or meaningful to conserve improvisations – that means spontaneous music – on a record. My interest is to consider the whole production of a record as an artistic process, in which improvisation of music is only one part among others.

You hear nine tracks on my cd “Rendez-vous”, eight improvisations and one composition.The recordings, which were made during a period of about half a year, were prepared by several important decisions: the focus on duos with changing partners; the choice of the musicians, who all are internationally well-remarked; the decision to record in a church, which gives a very specific sound and atmosphere to the music.

The following selection and editing of the single tracks as well as their alignment and combination makes the cd to be one formal unit.

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Antonio Borghini, Florian Bergmann, Hannes Lingens


Florian Bergmann
Antonio Borghini
Hannes Lingens



Florian Bergmann : alto saxophone, bass clarinetin duo withAlmut Kühne : voiceBenjamin Weidekamp : clarinetMatthias Müller : tromboneGregoire Simon : violaAntonio Borghini : double bassFrank Gratkowski : bass clarinetChristian Marien : drumsHannes Lingens : accordionClement Nourry : guitarAll titles free improvised except for “Pivot” composed by Florian BergmannRecording : “Kirche zum Heilsbronnen”, Berlin . June 2009–January 2010Engineering : Florian BergmannMixing and mastering : Christoph Schlimbach in March-April 2010Artwork : Inez Pessoa