Musæum Clausum (CD,LP)


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Musæum Clausum is a French-German trio that features Louis Laurain on cornet (Die Hochstapler, Umlaut Big band, ONCEIM), Hannes Lingens on drums (Obliq, Konzert Minimal) and Sebastien Beliah on bass.(Un Poco Loco, Ensemble Hodos, Umlaut Big Band). The music of Musæum Clausum is a constant flow with small variations of speed and intensity without beginning or end. In this music each player is drawing freely and independently a path in the development of his ideas and then reveal the elements of a general frame that moves slowly and patiently to reach sometimes a high level a complexity.

This record is available in 12 inch LP and CD.


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Hannes Lingens, Louis Laurain, Sébastien Beliah


Musæum Clausum


CD (10€), LP (15€)


Louis Laurain
Hannes Lingens
Sébastien Beliah


Musaeum Clausum


  1. A la Ventura part 1 & 2
  2. Rareties in Pictures : a large submarine landscape / a night piece
  3. Remarquable Books


Louis Laurain : cornet
Sébastien Beliah : double bass
Hannes Lingens : drums

Recording : Volkspark Studio, Halle (Saale). This studio is an old ballroom from East Germany. Everything is in wood, very large, with a very high ceiling. The reverb that you can hear on the record is 100% natural without additives . September 2016
Engineering, mixing and mastering : Christoph Schlimbach
This record was produced with the support of the FCM (Fond de Création Musicale).