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After the album Calques recorded live during a concert, Novembre returns with Encore, a double studio album, the result of a long maturation in terms of form, composition and playing. 

As they have been doing for more than ten years, Romain Clerc Renaud and Antonin Tri Hoang have constructed a complex poetic form, made up of multiple back-and-forths between simple and gentle themes (Encore, Petit Matelot) or very fast ones (LetCo, Klaxon); between very short pieces (Miniatures) and large developments (Continuum). Everything is arranged by the play of contrasts and resonances: a piece is interrupted to be continued later (Please wait), a motif is metamorphosed by dint of repetition (Encore), a piece is played again, but as quickly as possible (Letco Flash). 

The second CD of the album illustrates another side of the art of montage. Marc Baron recorded Novembre while they were working on Encore, using the most varied materials and techniques (tape recorder, hydrophone, boom box, spring, tape loops). With this harvest he has constructed an electroacoustic piece that diverts, amplifies and transforms the music of Novembre.

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Antonin-Tri Hoang




Antonin-Tri Hoang
Romain Clerc-Renaud
Thibault Cellier
Sylvain Darrifourcq
Marc Baron




CD1 – Novembre
1. Onni San
2. Miniatures
3. Klaxon Pad Carnival
4. Please Wait
5. Let Co Flash
6. Continuum
7. Petit Matelot
8. Encore

CD2 – Marc Baron
Part 1
1. Pantin, 25 octobre 2017, fin de matinée, petit studio
2. Journal, été 2017, Morvan
3. Pantin, 25 octobre 2017, fin d’après-midi, petit studio
4. Pantin, 2 novembre 2017, matinée puis milieu d’après-midi, auditorium

Part 2
5. Cut Up, Pantin, octobre novembre 2017, lieux variés
6. Elie, été 2019
7. Coda, Pantin, 2 Novembre, fin d’après-midi


Antonin Tri Hoang: alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Romain Clerc-Renaud: piano, keys
Thibault Cellier: double bass
Sylvain Darrifourcq: drums

Compositions by Romain Clerc-Renaud and Antonin-Tri Hoang
Recording: Antony – July 2021
Engineering and mixing: Erwan Boulay
Mastering: Pierre Luzy, Music Unit

Electro-acoustic piece by Marc Baron, produced in the studio in the summer 2018 from recordings of the band Novembre.

Design: Galilée Al Rifai