Fenêtre Ovale

© Virginie Gouband

The Fenêtre Ovale ensemble was created in 2011 by Joris Rühl (clarinet), Eve Risser (piano) and Karl Naëgelen (composition). Since 2014, Toma Gouband (percussion) and Amaryllis Billet (violin) joined them.

Fenêtre ovale was born from the musicians’ desire to create a meaningful dialogue between improvisation and composition, by leaving space for collective sound investigation, as a preamble to writing. The substance of Karl Naegelen’s compositions bears the mark of the research proper to each musician, it is nourished from sound territories born from their practice, both individual and collective.

Members of the band

Karl Naegelen

Eve Risser

Joris Ruhl

Toma Gouband

Amaryllis Billet

Albums and scores