Eve Risser

© Sylvain Gripoix

Eve Risser is a pianist, composer and improviser. She expresses herself as much orchestrally (“White Desert Orchestra”, “Red Desert Orchestra”) as through her extended (and relaxed!) playing modes on the piano. Constantly in search of new possible channels of communication between musicians and listeners, she sees sound as a physical matter in which we can swim and avoid the great control.
She plays solo, in duos, trios, groups, with her Ensemble (Kim Myhr, Mari Kvienbrunvoll, George Dumitriu, Toma Gouband), En-Corps (Benjamin Duboc, Edward Perraud), Aw Be Yonbolo (Nainy Diabaté), Brique (Bianca Ianuzzi, Francesco Pastacaldi, Luc Ex) and regularly responds to writing commissions for large and small groups.

Website : everisser.com

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