Eve Risser

© Sylvain Gripoix

Pianist, composer and improviser Eve Risser blends dreaminess and feminism with a touch of challenge in a free-spirited music that draws from jazz, contemporary and experimental genres. With an academic background, she immerses herself in the European improvised music scene, with one foot in the institution and the other in alternative networks. Her poetic playing is percussive and corporeal, covering forms ranging from solo to full orchestra.
She plays solo, in duos, trios, groups, with her Ensemble (Kim Myhr, Mari Kvienbrunvoll, George Dumitriu, Toma Gouband), En-Corps (Benjamin Duboc, Edward Perraud), Aw Be Yonbolo (Nainy Diabaté), Brique (Bianca Ianuzzi, Francesco Pastacaldi, Luc Ex) and regularly responds to writing commissions for large and small groups.

Website : everisser.com

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