“Tourbillons” et “14 Récitations pour voix seule” George Aperghis (CD)


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These two pieces by Georges Aperghis, Tourbillons and 14 Récitations pour voix seule, were written respectively in 1989-1992 and 1978. The fist one was never recorded, the second one was recorded in full length for the fist time in 2001 (Live, Viennes, CoILegno) by Donatienne Michel-Dansac.

This second full version of 14 Récitations (live in Darmstadt) is justified, if needed, by a new reading of the score (Reading from left to right and right to left, from top to bottom and bottom to top, etc.), radically different from the first one.

While remaining absolutely faithful to G. Aperghis’ work– who layed down all the rules here – the idea of this second integral version is to offer another approach of the same work. This new interpretation was not motivated by time passing, or maturation, but by a choice, among others, of different directions.

Tourbillons (Live,Théâtre du Rond-Point), with a text by Olivier Cadiot, is a show in wich video – recorded live with two cameras facing each other – took a big part. The singer-actress performs alone on stage during the whole show, her face multiplied, displayed on wood panels from each side of the stage.

This was centered around a text and a score, and while being a show, signifiant work was done on the architecture of a poetic text, cut and organized whithin a fragmented score for the occasion. What is proposed here is a pure, simple, auditive rendition of this work.

Finally, the physical object, the CD. Graphic artist Carine Abraham was given the task to turn the sound and the visual into an object, a whole in which a show, a concert, 2 scores and a text are blended together.

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Donatienne Michel-Dansac


Donatienne Michel-Dansac



Composition : Georges Aperghis (“Tourbillons” – 1989-1992, “14 Récitations pour voix seule” – 1978)

Text : Olivier Cadiot
Recording : Théâtre du Rond-Point à Paris . February 2010
Engineering, artistic direction and post-production : Cécile Lenoir

“14 Récitations pour voix seule”
Recording : Darmstadt . August 2012
Engineering : Olaf Mielke
Post-production : Cécile Lenoir

Design : Carine Abraham