Pierre Borel – alto saxophone

Hannes Lingens – drums & objects

Derek Shirley – double bass/electronics

OBLIQ is a sonic mass in constant movement. Observing the characteristics of sound in every detail, it moves in an abstract organic way, formed by three musicians on acoustic instruments in free improvisation. Soloistic passages are restrained in favour of a complex interlocking group structure. Working with a tendency towards rather quiet material opens a dynamic sprectrum with a large potential for differentiation.

Obliq_with_AyaTanaka_PhotoNicolasLefort2011 Kopie

Since 2008, obliq has performed regularily in Berlin, and toured extensively in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, in everything from large festivals to underground venues. They have released one vinyl from a live concert with christof kurzman (umlaut records 2010), and a release on another timbre of a live trio studio recording in austria is planned for 2014.

The trio has worked with guests on various  occasions: Christof Kurzmann (computer/voice), Ignaz Schick (turntable), Chris Abrahams (dx7), Michael Thieke (clarinet), Jonas Kocher (accordeon), Mitsuaki Matsumoto (cello), Aya Tanaka (butoh dance, see pic) and Miya Masaoka (koto).