Grand Bazar

© DR

A ski boot, “love slippers”, a transverse flute and a pop corn, a magnet and scores, an A flat and a Professor Maboul, a choral by Bach and plastic foliage plants.

For 15 years Eve Risser and Antonin Tri Hoang have been sharing music. In a large shared basket, they have dropped reinterpretations of Jean-Sebastien Bach, Aphex Twin, Carla Bley, Gyorgy Ligeti and absurd songs written as wasted time goes by. Their concert/show is a big collection of impossible ideas and serious patch-up jobs, always reconstructed according to the space occupied and to the people invited.

Members of the band

Eve Risser
prepared piano, harpsichord, piano-toy, flute

Antonin-Tri Hoang
alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute