Brique © Michel Slomka

© Michel Slomka

Brique balances between urban and lyrical music. One moment it makes you float over a poetic landscape, another moment it makes you dance around a local baseball ground. It has the unexpected excitement of taking apart a post-punk Russian doll..
Bianca Iannuzzi with her beautiful voice sings in French, English, Italian and German, Eve Riser shows in her own inimitable way how music can hit you full in your heart, while Luc Ex and Francesco Pasticaldi create a world of irresistible cadences and explosions.
Written pieces and songs, using texts from different writers, who are strong in their simplicity and rich in their imagination.


More info 27 June 2024
La danse du béton

RELEASE PARTY – Le Cirque Électrique, Paris (FR)

Members of the band

Bianca Iannuzzi

Eve Risser

Luc Ex
electro-acoustic  bass

Francesco Pastacaldi