The Quietus, Oùat

06-12-2022 The Quietus

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Cover - Umlaut - Elastic BricksThe Strang

“I’d also include a recent European piano trio called Ouat in this category. They bookended the year with two fantastic albums. The first, Elastic Bricks (Umlaut), is comprised of original tunes by the group’s bassist Joel Grip and pianist Simon Sieger – the group also includes drummer Michael Griener – all of whom retain this general ‘Black Mystery’ aesthetic model in various ways while sounding rather contemporary in tone and melody. Equally strong is The Strange Adventures Of Jesper Klint, an end-to-end reimagining of Swedish pianist Per-Henrik Wallin’s brilliant album Coyote, which posthumously argues for, at least, his adjacency to this coterie.” Peter Margasak.

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