Aldora Britain Records, Karl Naegelen

31-01-2024 Aldora Britain Records

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“French composer and innovator KARL NAEGELEN is an artist who baffles listeners around the globe, drawing each into his brilliantly abstract and gloriously crazed world. This creativity takes experimental forms, delving into precise and conceptual sonic offerings. These are compositions that refuse to be boxed off, unique and bewildering in a fantastic fashion. Umlaut Records have recently showcased this artistry by way of the two-LP Cartographie de Rythmes series. On these releases, Karl collaborates with a series of equally diverse and metaphysical musicians, namely Julien Gaillard, Sylvain Darrifourcq, and Toma Gouband. These relationships convey the most intricate and free-moving pieces of recent years, for sure. As the new year gets underway,
and future projects begin to emerge, Karl took a brief break to chat with Aldora Britain Records about his abstract creative world. We discuss formative musical memories, his compositional process, a selection of recorded output, and much, much more. That exclusive conversation is published here in full for the first time.” Thomas Hilton

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