Olga Kozieł

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Singing. She has been fascinated by traditional music since 2005 taking part in many musical projects, creating singing and instrumental and experimental groups. Regularly goes for field expeditions seeking forgotten melodies and stories in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Serbia.She performs on small and big scenes. She sings in ensembles: From the Woods, Sekunda Mała, Pieśni Przejścia, The Golden Thousand; plays the trumpet in Warszawsko-Lubelska Orkiestra Dęta, Orkiestra Jarmarku Jagiellońskiego and Zvanai. She leads the project Volhynia in songs. With the projects Pieśni Przejścia and Volhynia in songs she released albums. Grand Prix winner of Polish Radio competition in 2019 with the group Lumpeks.

Website : olgakoziel.pl




    Agenda - Olga Kozieł

    More info 18 April 2024

    Ignorantka, Lodz (PL)

    19 April 2024

    TBA, Krakow (PL)

    20 April 2024
    Lumpeks "Polonez"

    RELEASE PARTY – Polskie radio, Warsaw (PL) with Maria Stępień

    More info 26 April 2024
    Umlaut Festival 2024

    La Gare XP, Paris (FR)

    More info 23 August 2024
    Lumpeks "Polonez"

    Festival Re:Tradycja, Lublin (PL) with Maria Stępień, Ewa
    Grochowska, Filip Majerowski and Piotr Gwadera