Joris Rühl

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Trained clarinetist, Joris Rühl mainly dedicates himself to contemporary musics, written and improvised or leaning towards jazz, within collectives such as Umlaut, Onceim or Spat’Sonore.
Especially interested in sound exploration, he has started a meticulous research of extended techniques on the clarinet, that he prolongs with composition. He performs by the side of musicians such as Michel Doneda, Xavier Charles, Ninh Lé Quan, Eve Risser, Séverine Ballon.
His discography includes a number of records released on Neos Jazz, Satelita, Cleanfeed, OBS, Umlaut Records…
We had the chance of hearing him several time on the radio, on France Musique (A l’improviste, Le cri du patchwork, ALla Breve, Créatin Mondiale), or on German national radios (WDR,SWR).

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