Je Suis!

Niklas Barnö trumpet
Marcelo Gabard Pazos saxophones
Mats Äleklint trombone
Alexander Zethson piano
Joel Grip double bass
Magnus Vikberg drums

A band led under the firm and frantic grip of the Swedish one and only: trumpeter Niklas Barnö. His music-making is honest and intense, confirming your presence as a listener by literary blowing his inside out. Far from conventions and academia, Je Suis! through their music, with Barnö as spiritual shepherd, don’t try to become, they simply are (Ils Sont!). Unquestionable beauty and ugliness at once, raw and pure as dirt. Music uncertain as life itself.

The six members of Je Suis! are all independently highly active members of the international scene of creative musics, and their very own artistic expressions come together in Je Suis! like an enormous beast. People who experience Je Suis! are touched in one way or another, whether they end up wanting to punch the band members in the face or shower them with hugs and kisses. The statement – Je Suis! – ends up in a question: Who are You then?


Photo by Lisa Grip, download hi-resolution press photos here.

“Je Suis! gives Swedish jazz a kick. The music is, as often as not, clear and distinct. It tugs you along and it’s beautifully unpolished.”
– Magnus Nygren in SOUNDOFMUSIC (

“Intense organised chaos. Loving, passionate. No frills, but full of ornamentation and fine detail.”
– Pierre Martin VÄSTERBOTTENS-KURIREN (Swedish regional daily)

“Hot, raw and intense!
– Johannes Cornell in DN (Dagens Nyheter, one of Swedens two major dailies)