The Jolly-Boat Pirates #UMCD0002 07 Jun 2006

Niklas Barnö trumpet
Lars Åhlund saxophones
Joel Grip double bass
Devin Gray drums

Three Swedes and an American bring border less music of an uncanny kind to ears alive.
Devin Gray’s propelling skins ebb, sway, stagger, and tumble; Joel Grip’s woody double bass creaks and moans and pummels buffeted like a tallship caught in a gale; Niklas Barnö slices streaks of pilfered lightning via trumpet and lungs; and Lars Åhlund navigates a wary course through some major double-vision with a saxophone that quits for no man. The Jolly-Boat Pirates are a high-energy collective bent on domination of the seas or a busted dingy – whichever comes first.

Big Shit 2mix Min Lat

1, Alvaro 2, Denight Delight 3, Bro 4, Line 5, Letandet 6, Big Shit 7, Strutsen

Recorded 16th of October, 2005.

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