Kege Snö #umcd0010 10 May 2010

Kege Snö
Roland Keijser saxophones, flutes
Niklas Barnö trumpet
Joel Grip double bass
Raymond Strid drums


Kege Snö was first put together as a group during the festival Hagenfesten 2006 in Dala-Floda, Sweden. They play an open music giving room for energetic and precise communication – a live chat between the band members, as individual artist in a creative collective. Roland Keijser, a breath-taking sax-veteran, was a pioneer in Sweden taking part of the first move in the directions of free form and progressive music during the 60’s and 70’s, and later on found ground-braking paths for Swedish folk music. Keijser’s 40-50 years old compositions lay the open structures for Kege Snö’s music. Raymond Strid, one of the most asked-for improvising percussionist of today – playing with Barry Guy, Marilyn Crispell, Joëlle Leandre, Mats Gustafsson to name a few – add a new dimension to Kege Snö’s music. His flow and phrasing leaves nothing unattended. Almost 40 years younger, Niklas Barnö (trumpet) and Joel Grip (double bass) gives a new fresh approach to Kege Snö’s music. A new generation meets an older. The music gets deeper, there is a lot to talk about, musically – and this is heard. Niklas Barnö is a well-known character of the Scandinavian jazz and improvised music scene. Expressionistic and intense, his playing is honest in a very original way. Joel Grip, a vigorous and free double bassist, plays a great role for the new scenes of improvised music in Europe, heard in groups like Snus and Peeping Tom.

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tracks :

1. Tusch
2. Somnambulism
3. Odjuret och Odjuret
4. Saababba
5. Flyvebåd
6. Fallgrop
7. Sarcoma
8. Bön om bränsle
9. Maskinpark
10. Hotel Bristoll

* all compositions by Keijser, except #3 by Barnö
* produced with support from the Swedish National Council of Cultural Affairs
* recorded in Heby, Sweden, october 2009
* unique fold-out design of CD-cover

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