High Fidelity #UMFR-CD14 10 Nov 2015

Fidel Fourneyron – solo trombone

The Download version of this album is available from subradar.no.

High Fidelity is a consequence of many years of Fidel’s experemitentation and reflexion on his instrument in a wide variety of contexts.

Conceived as a concise record, without any verbosity, Fidel Fourneyron explores his instrument by focusing on clear and simple ideas for each piece : a sound, a gesture or a structure. Rarely heard as a solo instrument, the trombone reveals here an unexpected side to itself!

1. High Fidelity
2. Wa Wa
3. Grrr
4. Ya Ya
5. Average Person Step
6. Blues Part 1
7. Blues Part 2
8. Blues Part 3
9. Zawi


Recorded at Le Luisant, Germigny l’Exempt, France, June 30-July 2 2015, by Pierre Favrez.
Artwork by Rafaëlle Bloch.
Produced by Nicolas Sandret.

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