Feelin’ Pretty #UMFR-CD21 21 Apr 2017

Un Poco Loco

The Download version of this album is available from subradar.no.


Fidel Fourneyron – Trombone
Geoffroy Gesser – Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet
Sébastien Beliah – Double Bass

Tracklist: 01. Cool (Leonard Bernstein) 02. Something is comin’ (Leonard Bernstein) 03. America (Leonard Bernstein) 04. Chewin (Fidel Fourneyron) 05. Toux (Fidel Fourneyron) 06. Dance at the gym (Leonard Bernstein) 07. Nowhere (Sebastin Beliah) 08. I feeI prett (Leonard Bernstein) 09. Rumblin’ (Sebastin Beliah) 10. Prologue (Leonard Bernstein) 11. Motors (Fidel Fourneyron)
12. Jett (Geoffoy Gesser) 13. Dancin’, bluesin’, jammin’ (Geoffoy Gesser) 14. Hatharica( Fidel Fourneyron) 15. Yellin’ (Geoffoy Gesser)

Recording & Mixing : Augustin Muller
Artwork design : Raphaëlle Bloch
Picture : Camille Farina

A refined and exhilarating reinterpretation of West Side Story made by a talented trio of three French contemporary improvisers.

Created in 2014 and winner of the Jazz Migration program in 2016, the band has already recorded one album and played more than 50 concerts. This year, Un Poco Loco seize a mythical monument of American culture in order to elaborate a refined work of sound and dramaturgy, mixing the traditional vocabulary of jazz with the musical language of contemporary musicians.

For this new record Feelin’ Pretty, the trio decided to tackle Leonard Bernstein’s unforgettable music of West Side Story. The standards are first stripped naked and then dressed up in new fancy clothes. An unexpected interpretation of extrapolations, glimpses and playing hide-and-seek with the original score of this great musical, through personal arrangements and original compositions.

Tony, Maria, the Jets and the Sharks are gently hustled, and the magnificent score becomes a preamble to the improvisers’s wildest games.

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