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Per Henrik Wallin & Sven-Åke Johansson

Per Henrik Wallin – piano
Sven-Åke Johansson – drums, voice, trumpet, accordion


Unique release of a 4-CD box including rare recordings of Swedish pioneers of free jazz and improvised music, as well as a 28-page booklet with extensive writings and photos, letters and drawings by the artists taking you on a historical, yet contemporary, ride through over thirty years of musical continuos development. This box honors and puts in to attention the great work of the passed away pianist Per Henrik Wallin.

“Per Henrik Wallin and Sven-Åke Johansson, born in Karlsborg in 1946 and in Mariestad in 1943 respectively, are, according to my musical understanding,
two of the most unique Swedish improvisers there are, a value judgement that I am prepared to extend to all of Europe—at least. This goes for both
of them separately and for the two of them together. They have contributed to the upheaval of improvised music, probably to a greater extent than most
other Swedish musicians. Although I dislike hierarchies and top ten lists we should still keep these things in mind from the very beginning.”
– Thomas Millroth

“This production is not only a contribution to documenting an important part of the Swedish and the European history of jazz and improvised music, but it is also a box carried with affection into the future of new generations of artists’ inventions.”
– Joel Grip

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CD 1
Sista Valsen i Norrköping
1 En Vals
2 Sigge Fürst
Wallin, piano; Johansson, drums, voice; Joe Williamson,
double bass. Recorded in Norrköping 5.4.2004.

CD 2
Quartier Latin f.d. Biograf
1 Biograf
2 Roxy
3 Saga
4 Teaterbio
Wallin, piano; Johansson, drums, trumpet.
Recorded in Quartier Latin, Berlin 5.-9. November 1975
and November 1974 in Hannover/Langenhagen.

CD 3
Magnetiska Hundar I
1 The Moon Says Good Night
2 The Moon Continued
3 Ungmön…. (die Eule)
Wallin, piano; Johansson, drums, accordion, voice.
Recorded in Ballhaus Naunynstrasse Berlin 24.11.1986

CD 4
Magnetiska Hundar II
1 The Eel
2 Get Hap
3 The Swinging Policeman
4 Romans
Wallin, piano; Johansson, drums, accordion, voice.
Recorded in Ballhaus Naunynstrasse Berlin 24.11.1986

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