Escapade Wynton Japan Tour 10-22 April 2014 11 Mar 2014

Escapade Wynton Japan Tour 10-22 April 2014

Pierre Borel saxophone
Joel Grip double bass
Antonin Gerbal percussion

10th: Concert at Namba Bears, Osaka.
11th: Concert at Kobe Big Apple, Kobe.
12th: Concert at Common Café, Osaka.
13th: Concert at Shumokukan, Nagoya.
14th: Concert at Hokkaido.
15th: Concert at Hokkaido.
16th: Concert at Sakaiki, Tokyo.
17th: Concert at Ftftftft, Tokyo.
19th: Concert at Jazz Spot Candy, Tokyo.
20th: Concert at Full House, Yokkaichi.
21st: Concert at Barber, Fuji.
22nd: Concert at Nanya, Nagoya.

A new project bringing together three of some of the most active members of the well-known artist collective, label and promoter of creative music, Umlaut Records.
Grip and Borel, with their extensive touring as a duo, have laid a solid ground for new discoveries in the world of improvised music. And now, with the longtime playmate Gerbal – heard in collaborations like Peeping Tom and Zoor – a new trio is born in which the members voices join in an explosive and somewhat implosive choir of reflections, taking them on an undetermined journey under the name Escapade Wynton.
Gerbal, Grip and Borel are frequent collaborators with Axel Dörner, Sven-Åke Johansson, Sten Sandell, Bertrand Denzler, Raymond Strid, and have had the pleasure to play with groundbrakers as Evan Parker, Alan Silva, Joëlle Leandre, Mats Gustafsson to name a few playmates from the great reference of improvised musics.

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