Nelson’s Jacket (4 LPs)


Nelson’s Jacket (4 LPs)


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Conceived as a portrait of five arrangers/composer on 4×10″ vinyl discs, this box set features 30s Swing masterpieces in a spirited performance by the young generation of the improvising european scene. Music by masterminds: Gene Gifford, John Nesbitt, Will Hudson, Benny Carter & Mary Lou Williams!

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Antonin Gerbal, Benjamin Dousteyssier, Fidel Fourneyron, Geoffroy Gesser, Joel Grip, Louis Laurain, Pierre Borel, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux, Sébastien Beliah


Umlaut Big Band

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Pierre-Antoine Badaroux
Sébastien Beliah
Pierre Borel
Antonin Gerbal
Joel Grip
Louis Laurain
Benjamin Dousteyssier
Fidel Fourneyron
Geoffroy Gesser
Antonin-Tri Hoang
Brice Pichard
Emil Strandberg
Bastien Ballaz
Bruno Ruder
Benoît Convert

Umlaut Big Band


UMEP-01 – Umlaut Big Band plays Gene Gifford

  1. Blue Jazz
  2. Black Jazz
  3. Maniac’s Ball
  4. White Jazz

UMEP-02 – Umlaut Big Band plays John Nesbitt & Will Hudson

  1. Stop Kidding (Neckbones & Sauerkraut)
  2. Chinatown, My Chinatown
  3. Jazznocracy
  4. Hocus Pocus

UMEP-03 – Umlaut Big Band plays Mary Lou Williams

  1. Mary’s Idea
  2. Steppin’ Pretty
  3. Walkin’ and Swingin’
  4. A Mellow Bit of Rhythm

UMEP-04 – Umlaut Big Band plays Benny Carter

  1. Jazz Cocktail
  2. You Understand
  3. Symphony in Riffs
  4. Scandal in A-Flat


Pierre-Antoine Badaroux : alto saxophone, musical direction
Antonin Tri-Hoang : clarinet & alto saxophone
Geoffroy Gesser, Pierre Borel : tenor saxophone & clarinet
Benjamin Dousteyssier : baritone & alto saxophones
Brice Pichard, Louis Laurain, Emil Strandberg : trumpet
Fidel Fourneyron, Bastien Ballaz : trombone
Bruno Ruder : piano
Benoît Convert : guitar
Sébastien Beliah, Joel Grip : double bass
Antonin Gerbal : drums

Recording : Kobé, Ivry s/Seine . December 2nd 2012
Engineering and mixing : Thomas Goguelin
Artwork : Sven-Åke Johansson
Liner notes : Pierre-Antoine Badaroux
Production : Pierre-Antoine Badaroux