Said about Je Suis! 01 Oct 2014

Je Suis! press, updated 2012

Down at Galeasen, Je Suis! is on the loose; they are a new-thinking young sextet which
have got Swedish jazz thriving with their unruly daring punk attitude.
Ingrid Strömdahl in SvD (Svenska Dagbladet, one of Swedens two major dailies), 2011

In Je Suis! collective art lives hand in hand with individualism in ensemble playing with
transparent, sculpted clarity and naturally interspersed solos.
Ingrid Strömdahl in SvD, (see above) 2010

In many ways the six musicians gather 60s modernism into their music in spellbinding
Jan Granlie in JAZZNYTT (“Jazz News”, Norway)

Hot, raw and intense!
Johannes Cornell in DN (Dagens Nyheter, one of Swedens two major dailies)

Here six fun-loving rascals create mottled wide-reaching music: free-spoken,
expressive and well-regimented – sometimes all together.
Alexander Agrell in SYDSVENSKAN (Swedish regional daily)

The listener is asked in, to become a happy citizen in the free republic of jazz.
Camilla Dal in GEFLE DAGBLAD (Swedish regional daily)

Hard to think of anything more exciting to listen to.
Peter Bornemar in DIGJAZZ (

I’m left in no doubt that the players – especially Barnö – are playing out their lives; they
narrate, they talk to each other, discussing in sounds (and rhythms).
Bengt Eriksson in LIRA (Swedish jazz magazine)

Full of imagination and most attractive.
Leif Wigh in OJ (Orkesterjournalen, Swedish jazz magazine)

Je Suis! gives Swedish jazz a kick. The music is, as often as not, clear and distinct. It
tugs you along and it’s beautifully unpolished.
Magnus Nygren in SOUNDOFMUSIC (

What imaginative music-making, what intensity, what joy in the playing!
Jan Strand in OJ (Orkesterjournalen, Swedish jazz magazine)

Je Suis! is highly modern and liberated tonal linguistics, intense yet laid-back playing.
Christer Bergström in UNT (Upsala Nya Tidning, Swedish regional daily)

Intense organised chaos. Loving, passionate. No frills, but full of ornamentation and
fine detail.
Pierre Martin VÄSTERBOTTENS-KURIREN (Swedish regional daily)

Barnö is of true composer stuff; he produces one beautiful hymn-like theme after
another, all charged with feeling.
Gunnar Wiklund in VÄSTERBOTTENS FOLKBLAD (Swedish regional daily

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