Ken Waxman – Jazzword 01 Dec 2013

Then same age as Butcher, French soprano saxophonist Michel Doneda has also refined and extended Parker’s tonal experiments. Linge Umlaut Records umfrcd 07) was recorded in an old barn in Eastern France to organically maximize the spatial properties during his duet with clarinettist Joris Rühl (b. 1982). As they work their way through seven sequences what’s produced are distinctive improvisations that are as frequently created from parallel blowing as intermingled timbres. Concentrated in the highest register of the sound spectrum an amazing multiplicity of tones is still heard. Manipulating air currents as much as reed and key properties, the two attain such a harmonic level that there are points where the sounds are identical to those of a boys’ choir. Other times masticating reed and tongue popping extrusions produce a cubist-like perspective. Staccato chirps, flat-line blowing and gravelly motions are all present. Only on the penultimate track are individual traits identifiable as Doneda concentrates on split-tone buzzing and Rühl lyrical and communicative textures.


The Whole Note

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