Brian Olewnick 24 Feb 2014

Yet another side of Lingens shows up here in a freely improvised duo with guitarist Buder with four pieces that vary widely in attack (though they’re tilted First through Fourth Movements, indicating a connection). In the first, Buder (who I’ve not heard before) is in a kind of gentle Bailey mode with Linden sliding objects on his skins and adding plunks and soft chimes. It’s quite gentle and pleasant, maybe a bit too much so. The second opens up a bit, using soft feedback at first and deep rubbing noises; spacier but holding together well, imparting a good dose of uneasiness. The shorter third section returns to the general world of the first but is much more concise and, to my ears, Buder is somewhere in Messiaen tonality, which is quite beautiful; lovely piece, soft and deep. The last section leaps to an entirely different environment, all harsh atonal buzzes and whispers, often low enough in frequency to generate uncomfortable vibratory sensations. Rough guitar strums appear, muddied in the distance amidst blurred rattling, gradually attaining a bleak kind of clarity by the track’s end–a very effective conclusion that draws into question much of what preceded, not the sort of “narrative” that’s often encountered. Good job.

Brian Olewnick

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